Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Post 2

Ah... that new level smell.  So crisp and delightful, just asking to be played and tested and loved.  Here's a snapshot:

And the really exciting part: it was made using a LEV3L ED1T0R!!!!!  wo0t!  Thanks be to GLEE2D and the wonderful people who made it!  

Summer Post 1

Hey all you faithful readers!  It's a new season here at our studio place thing: that wonderful and thermogenic one known as summer!  Suddenly released from the burdens of exams and such mundane school activities, we are free to work much more!  But another trouble brews, lurking in dark clouded rooms, distracting us from our responsibility... That is to say video games!  Don't worry though; we keep to our word: we'll finish developing this and release it sometime, in the future. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 10 update

This is the final update for the demo of our game. All new demos will be in a world where we are not under a strict 10 week deadline. So, what is new since the week 9 update? Check it. The schedule posted last week has been completed. That is right, the demo level is complete, the background and platforms all look significantly better, and music has even been included for the title menu, game over screen, and even the demo level.
It was a wild and crazy 10 weeks, but in the end we managed to put together a cool demo to show off the true potential of our game. If you so desire to witness the amazing demo level, with all the music, better graphics, more fun, and even commentary by the developers, check out the developer diary in the previous post, or in the video and screenshots page.
Stay tuned for future developments as we expand upon the demo and work towards a complete game.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dev Diary 1

The very first, world premier Dev Diary of Particle Paradox.