Matthew Walker is a 19 year-old college freshman who enjoys spending time drawing, playing video games and playing more video games when things like sleep, eating, and run-on sentences don't gHet in the way. Matt majors in computer science and would enjoy long walks on the beach if he ever went outside. His email address is currently In consensus with his teammates, Matt is known as the "art master". This prestigious title means that he is responsible for creating the sprites, animations of sprites, level design, concept art, and the award-winning story (awards not included).

Zach Howell is another guy updating this blog sometimes. Don't be confused; we only Hive Mind into Machan Horenker. He enjoys playing them video games, especially a card game! He's 18 for a bit, and then 19, and majors in Computer Science (just like Machan Horenker). Email, but don't interrupt while coding, cause that's what he'll be doing.  Lots of coding, with more pronounced differences between Jordan and himself to come!

Jordan is 17, and is majoring in computer science at Drexel University. Jordan likes magic (both the card game and that intangible awesomeness we sometimes experience.) Jordan has recently become very interested in minecraft, but usually doesn't play video games very much, prefering the freedom to move around. Jorddan is antsy, both in body and in spirit. =) Jordan's email is  Jordan is in charge of contacting outside agencies (suchas the suppliers of our title music) in addition to coding, a responsibility he shares with Zach.  (The differences in their coding responsibiliies will become more pronounced as we determine what exactly needs to be done.)

Advisors (not a part of Machan Horenker) : 

David Augenblick


Department: Computer Science

 Ken Mallory


Department: Mechanical Engineering

Jennifer Atchison


Department: Materials Science and Engineering

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