Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 4 Progress Report:

This week, we managed to make the player move and jump.  We've created several sprites, and have added some concept art to the new concept art page.  (You should totally check it out!)  We're working on collision detection and animation, but the physics are not only smooth, but also tweak-able thanks to our new debugging mode.  This mode allows us to change things like the coefficient of friction while playing the game; it also displays the numbers so that we know what to set them to for normal game play.  While the physics are working decently, they do fall short of initial expectations which used acceleration as well as speed.  Collision detection is really only working in one dimension; due to the way we've structured it, it can only work for colliding with the sides or colliding with the top, but not both.  We're totally working on it though, and we plan to use a tutorial to accelerate the effectiveness.  We're also working on sprite animation.  The bland writing comes courtesy of Anren, by the way. Acho and Maker would never do such things.  Anren, however, would like to let you know that he is only spiritless when attempting to write with clarity and formality. =)  (See, he can make a smiley face!!)


Heads up everyone! A concept art page has been created and concept art has been posted on said page. Head on over to get an EXCLUSIVE look at our hero and some of the enemies that will be appearing in the game. The art master is more than happy to have an opportunity to share his work, and undoubtedly he will post "round 2" when he actually has something worth posting.
In un-art (maybe) related news, expect a progress update later today, or tomorrow. However, it will probably be today. When it comes, read it, enjoy it, you deserve it. It is, after all, your special day.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Current Week 3 progress:

As of today, 4-20-2012, we are currently attempting to learn C# through tutorials online and general trial and error. Also, all group members downloaded Visual Studios and have access to the game projects through XNA.
Speaking of XNA, we managed to download the Particles 3d program from Microsoft. This will be invaluable in our learning C# and how to manipulate and control particles. However, at the moment, we have no idea how to actually utilize the particles 3d program, and so we are attempting to learn more about C# before we look closer at the code of Particles 3d.
In other successful news, we have concept art for our main character, the one the player will control, Toby Giant. Stand by. By Wednesday we will most likely have a concept art page so that you, the viewer, can enjoy the lovely art done by the Art Master.
We currently just tried to create a simple sprite using XNA, unfortunately, we failed at the endeavor. We will continue to work on improving our coding abilities until we can successfully put a sprite in our test game-thing.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Progress Made

Rejoice o' beautiful readers for much progress has been made!!!!!

We wrote our names on a sheet of paper and received official approval from the powers that be.  More compelling news coming up next week.

What is Particle Platformer?

Particle Platformer is the hot new game that all your friends, your friends' moms and your friends' moms' moms are all talking about. So what actually is it? Particle Platformer(working title) is a platformer where you control a guy who has power over particles. Currently, we do not have a name, motivation, or even picture of said guy, but rest be assured when we do, we will let you, your friends, your friends' moms, and your friends' moms' moms know.

The voices in my head tell me that this description is not adequate. So, to appease them, I will give you a better description. The player controls particles making them move in waves, fire like a gun, use them to create super jumps,  complete confounding puzzles, and battle unbelievable bosses. The player will be using keys to to perform these particle-based actions, and will even be able to use the mouse in situations to control the particles directly. These particles will allow for the guy to navigate the terrifying world of Particle Platformer (working title).  Enemies are numerous, and platforms are everywhere, and only you and  your particles are capable of overcoming all obstacles.

There we go, the basic idea. I believe the voices are appeased now, so I will quit writing. I will report from time to time, depending on how I feel and how much nagging I experience from the voices. Either way, you will be updated on the progress of Particle Platformer whether you be a friend, a mom, or the friend of a moms' mom.