Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mid-Week 9 update

So, here we are. We have come so far and accomplished so much, yet there is still more to do. Incredibly enough, the game now has a title and game over screens. Yes, that means that you can now finally, truly, die in Particle Paradox. Yes, that is the name, and we are sticking with it.  Speaking of being able to die, we now have a new enemy designed to kill you. That's right! A blue triangle exists now that can fly and impede your path above while rolling triangles impede your progress on the ground. Fun!
In addition to the title screen, game over screen, and new enemy type, Toby Giant (the player character) now has new animations for being hit, and pushing particles on the ground and in the air. Hoo-ah!
With that done, we still have a few more things to do before the end of the week to prepare for our demo and presentation. Ideally, we would like to have our demo level built, a better background, music, and better looking platforms.
So, you want a schedule you say? Well, here:

Demo level (top priority) : Thursday

Better background/platforms: Friday

Music: Friday (but it may go into the weekend)

As you can see, we want to focus on the demo level for the presentation. Depending on how much time we have between making the final report and preparing the presentation, we may make it so that the flying triangle can shoot lasers.  We could potentially also improve the background and platforms further. Either way, that is the mid-week 9 update. Brace yourself for the end (of the demo) for we are coming in hot and will likely need firefighters and paramedics standing by when we land.

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